Danny Cavanagh

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After spending 12 years working as a nature reserve warden for the RSPB, Danny began studying yoga, meditation, mindfulness and Ayurvedic medicine.  He learnt Transcendental Meditation in 1989 and set up a Private Ayurveda clinic in 2000. His teachers include Dr Vasant Lad, Dr David Frawley and Atreya Smith (European Institute of Vedic Studies). Over the last 25 years, he has taught thousands of clients including several Russian oligarchs and members of the British Royal Family. He regularly sees extraordinary transformation in the health and well-being of his clients due to the power of the meditation and stress management programmes he teaches. At the age of fifty-one he ran three marathons, four half marathons and an ultra-marathon; a feat he attributes to his long-term practice of Transcendental Meditation and Ayurvedic Medicine.   Read More →

Azra Ladora

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Azra is a ‘Yoga and Meditation Teacher’ and mother of two boys; one of whom is on the spectrum of autism. Whilst this has been a major challenge in her life, his diagnosis was the catalyst for her exploration into the world of holistic health and well-being. Her research into the field of complementary medicine highlighted three areas that seemed to indicate a solution for her son’s issues; yoga, Ayurvedic nutrition and Transcendental Meditation. During the last decade she has become an expert in these fields and has applied their practices and principles into her son’s life, as well as her own. This has helped reduce both their stress levels and consequently she has seen profound improvements in her son’s behaviour and well-being.

Nicholas Lee

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Nicholas is a financial planner and meditation teacher based in Worcester. After forty two years helping clients achieve financial independence in their retirement years, he has witnessed a common trait; clients with the ability to manage their stress and maintain their health, feel happier, more secure and more fulfilled, however much they have in their bank accounts. This is the primary reason that Nicholas encourages his clients to learn and practice Transcendental Meditation. By learning to manage their stress and increase their energy and motivation they are able to enjoy life to it's fullest well into their retirement years. He teaches Transcendental Meditation in Worcester, Manchester and Lichfield.