Transcending meditation Course

A two-day meditation and mindfulness course where you'll be taught how to practise this ancient and profound meditation technique. Day one will be your individual twenty-minute meditation instruction and practise. Day two will teach you the theory and understanding of the T.M. meditation technique. This will help deepen your experience by allowing you to gain an intellectual understanding of how the process of transcending works and how this leads to stress and fatigue being released from the mind and body.
Price: £ 280   Course dates & locations→

Mindfulness day

This one-day workshop will teach you the art of mindfulness. It will revive your mind, purify your body, boost your energy levels and renew your spirits. This course is an ideal preparation for learning Transcending Meditation.
Price: £ 120    Course dates & locations→

Yoga & Pranayama workshop

This half-day workshop will allow you to learn simple yoga postures and breathing exercises to enhance your practice of mindfulness and meditation. They can be incorporated into your existing T.M. meditation and mindfulness sessions or practiced as stand alone techniques for balance, energy, grounding and revitalisation.
Price: £ 60 (3 hrs)    Course dates & locations→


Personal Ayurvedic consultations will allow you to learn and understand your Ayurvedic body-type and assess where there are imbalances within your physiology. You'll then learn lifestyle modifications and dietary changes that will help bring balance and harmony back into your mind and body. You’ll also learn: techniques for maintaining peak health and fitness; simple yoga postures to help improve muscle tone and joint flexibility; powerful mindfulness and meditation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety; how to improve your digestion and reduce unhealthy food cravings and how to administer your own Ayurvedic body massage.
Price: £ 180 (3 hrs)     Book your consultation→


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