Mantra Chanting

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Mantra is a profound and practical method of accessing higher states of consciousness. It is a form of yoga which uses vocal and mental sound-currents of both audible and inaudible frequencies. These subtle vibrations awaken dormant centres of the brain, attuning the mind and body to the primordial vibrations of creation. Access to universal knowledge or truth, and spontaneously self-healing, naturally arise when we come into harmony with these sub-atomic pulsations in consciousness. The subtle harmonic vibrations of chanted mantras, both mental and vocal, act as a cleansing and purifying agent of consciousness. The yogic rishis of ancient India discovered that certain sounds brought them joy and ecstasy whilst others illumined the consciousness or brought tremendous psychic powers. Some produced profound tranquility or boundless energy and others brought freedom from fear or mental and physical healing.

These same mantras are still in use today and they still evoke the same results in those who are dedicated to practicing them regularly. Mantras create a stable core in the centre of our beings, which vibrates in unison with the underlying life force. In India, it is not unusual for homeopathic doctors to prescribe specific mantras instead of the usual remedies. In Africa witch-doctors have known for centuries that a certain frequency of drum-beat will serve to break a fever and have developed a repertoire of other rhythms to cure various physical and mental symptoms. Similar methods are used today by advanced radionic practitioners using sophisticated instruments. Even in allopathic circles, sound-therapy is beginning to be utilised in the treatment of both physical and mental problems.

It is only relatively recently in the Western world, that it has been discovered that certain music and sound-waves have the capacity to activate cellular healing when played to bodily wounds. And such sounds have been shown to promote a far speedier return to health than by orthodox methods. So it is that medical science begins to vindicate the findings of the ancient sages.

What is an ordinary dose of allopathic medicine after all? It is no more than a substance composed of atomic particles in a dense state of vibration. Homeopathic medicine goes one step further. Its highly diluted remedies appear to contain nothing of the original substance, yet they are highly potentised and radiate a powerful frequency which can replicate the effects of the disease. This causes the body to throw off its illness without the effects of harmful drugs, simply by a sympathetic frequency. A sonic frequency works on a similar principle.

Medical researchers in Paris have found that certain repetitive sounds played to cancer cells will eventually destroy them. If lifeless repetitive electronic sound can make cancer cells disintegrate in the laboratory, how much more effective the living sound of one’s own voice can be in toning the cells with the repetitive vibration of healing.

Mantra is known for its vibrant pulsation of subtle healing frequencies which purify both mind and body. Because of its capacity to resonate in consciousness, it is considered by the great sages as the most efficacious method of unburdening the subconscious and cleansing it of residual traumas. As many cancers can be traced back to unfelt feelings blocked in childhood, mantra (with its internal massage of rigid cellular structures) often allows such frozen pains and tears to be released. On occasion even traumas of previous lifetimes have been experienced following a mantra session, allowing students to relive and release past-life memories which previously created hidden tensions in the body.

It is hardly surprising that mantra chanting also has a significant effect on our mind and body as, like everything else in this universe, our body is made up of vibrating energy. Even though our body appears to be dense, every cell of the human body has its own frequency. There's a sound present in each tiny cell, however minute that cell might be. Wherever there's movement, wherever there's vibration, there's sound. The body's inclination is to be in harmony with itself. All the different parts of the body, all its cells, want to move in unison, the way a shoal of fish or a flock of birds does, always moving but never bumping into each other. When this natural rhythm and harmony is disrupted in the body, disease and disorders arise. However, when the vibrations of a chant sound within our bodies, the cells themselves respond; they resonate with the pure vibration of the mantras so that harmony can be restored. The mantras and chants on the following pages are just a short selection for you to experiment with.

Lakshmi mantras

 Oṁ shrīṁ klīṁ lakshmī, nārāyanābhyāṁ namaha

 Brings good fortune, wealth, health, beauty, abundance and peace.

Ganesha mantra

Oṁ guṁ Ganapatayai namaḥ

Removes mental and physical obstacles and ensures success in endeavours.
Heralds auspicious new beginnings and grants education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. Destroys vanity, selfishness and pride.

Gayatri mantra

Oṁ bhūr bhuvah swāhā Tat savitur vareñyam
Bhargo devasya dīmahi Dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt (oṁ – swāhā)

Increases intelligence, concentration, memory, strength, intuition, inspiration and creative thinking. Ensures success in endeavours, gives spiritual insight and brings enlightenment.

Maha mrityunjaya mantra

Oṁ tryambhakaṁ yajāmahe
Sugandhiṁ puṣhṭi-vardhanam
Urvārukamiva bandhanan
Mṛityor mukshīya māmṛtāt …swāhā

Creates peace and contentment and wards off fear, sorrow and depression.
Destroys anger, selfishness and vengeful thoughts and removes sins and bad karma.
Bestows life-giving energy and rejuvenates the mind and body to ensure a long and fulfilling life.