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Reduced Stress

Transcendental Meditation relaxes the nervous system on a very deep and profound level, and thereby radically reduces chronic stress, anger and anxiety. This allows the mind to remain calm, relaxed and focused during the most challenging situations.

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Better sleep

One of the most valuable and noticeable benefits of TM Meditation is it's innate ability to slow the mind down. This allows you to fall asleep effortlessly and to have a restful and deep sleep, which in turn allows you to awaken feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalised.

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More energy

An overactive, analytical mind uses a vast amount of mental energy, which often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, tired and lifeless. By naturally reducing the number of thoughts constantly whirring about in our mind we automatically have more energy, stamina and vitality.

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Improved relationships

Once our mind is relaxed and rested, whilst also balanced and energised, we gain clarity of thinking, increased focus, and a more loving and compassionate nature. This enhances our communication skills, our listening skills and our leadership abilities. This naturally leads to improved relationships both at home and at work.

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Look Younger

As the mind becomes calmer and more balanced the body not only feels younger but looks younger. Our skin becomes clearer, fine lines and wrinkles lessen, and our eyes become brighter, reflecting the energy and vitality present in our physiology. When we feel younger, we feel more confident and have greater enthusiasm for enjoying life.


Combat Depression

The stresses and burdens of modern life in our fast-paced society often lead to feelings of exhaustion, depression, isolation and anxiety. With a daily mediation practice (ideally twice a day) the symptoms of these debilitating disorders can be radically reduced, leaving us feeling happier, more contented and fulfilled.

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Lower Blood Pressure

Peer-reviewed research indicates that regular meditation has an appreciable balancing and harmonising effect on the para-sympathetic nervous system. This leads to a lowering of blood pressure; a key factor in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.


Greater creativity & Intuition

A settled, happy, balanced mind allows us to think much more clearly, leading to greater creativity and productivity. We gain a broader perspective, become more intuitive, and can think 'outside-the-box' more easily and effortlessly. Problem solving becomes a pleasure rather than a chore, and we begin to enjoy the challenges that life entails.