Azra Ladora

Azra has also specialised in Ayurvedic and raw nutrition and prides herself on creating meals that are nutrient dense, balancing to the mind and body, exceptionally tasty and, most importantly, appealing to both young children and adults.

Whilst changing her son’s diet proved to make major improvements, at the age of six, she introduced him to Yoga Therapy at the Maha Devi Yoga Centre. Subsequently, at the age of nine, he was taught Mantra (Vedic) Meditation and was gradually integrated along with Yoga Therapy, which proved to be life changing and helped him find a new level of calmness. The reduction of anxiety and stress became more and more noticeable and helped her son find more peace and happiness.

Azra has witnessed first-hand how emotionally draining and challenging it can be - to all involved - to raise a child with special needs. By applying the principles and practices of meditation, yoga and healthy eating she has been able to feel more at ease with the challenges of bringing up two children. It has also helped her to radically reduce her own stress levels and become a calmer, balanced, tolerant and patient person.

Azra feels truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to discover the true meaning of happiness and her desire is to continue to share her experience and knowledge with others. She teaches the art and science of health, relaxation and well-being to a broad spectrum of professionals but her expertise lies in teaching parents, especially those with ‘special needs’ children.

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